you‘re probably staying home more than usual, right? So do I. And the more we stay home the more news we soak in. The majority of them might sound a bit daunting. However it looks like the world we know is changing for the good – in spite of – or actually – because of Coronavirus.

But let me start with this – what you are reading now is the new form of communication between us. I think that in the times of so much stress about health, family, work, business and economy we need to support each other. And I am not only thinking about support in business or finances. I am also thinking about our simple human need of hearing to inspiring and empowering words. We at Momentum would like to give you that support and help you get through hard times – like the pandemic that hit us so hard recently.

Okay so why am I certain that better times are coming?

Have I told you that I am a huge fan of Jim Rohn? Jim has been one of the most inspiring and influential people in the world. If you have heard about Tony Robbins – Jim Rohn was actually Tony’s first mentor.

One of the most inspiring, metaphoric lessons Jim was teaching along the years was that life in all aspects of our lives have better and worse times – exactly like seasons during a year.

Take Winters in example. They throw all kinds of challenges on us. It could be a recession, could be a relationship crisis. Or it could be a pandemic. Winters might be harsh – financially and emotionally. However, there is a reason behind all winters. They are here to test us. To test what we learned how we grew and how well we prepared during the past year. It’s not a time of worry though. This hard time is a time to learn, grow, plan, and to improve.

Luckily – Spring always follows winter. Cold is gone, recession is over, economy is back up. Spring is time of hard work – implementing all the lessons of winter. That’s the time to change what you were doing before. Time of seeding and growth.

After Spring – Summer comes. Time to maintain and protect what you have planted. Protect your assets and scale up your business. Ensure that profits of whatever kind will be abundant.

And finally – Autumn – the time of harvest. That’s the time when the you and I get results of all our hard work during the year. Time of hard work, but the time rewarding us for all the hard work we put into the business, work, relationships or all the efforts we made throughout the year. Autumn is also important because you build assets for the next winter – next recession, next winter.

We cannot change the seasons. They come and go. But we can and have to change are ourselves. We must constantly learn and improve to face next winter.

So if you are struggling right now, if you are a bit down, if you are worried, remember that winter doesn’t last forever. Moreover struggles should’t be in our focus. Now it’s actually time to think, strategise and adapt to the new conditions in coming weeks and months.

So keep asking yourself every morning:

How can I grow during this period of time? How can I improve my finances, my business, my career, my knowledge, my spirit and finally my attitude – so that once the hard time is over I am stronger and better then ever before.

Jim Rohn says:

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better”

So let’s learn and develop. You are staying home way more those days. Maybe you work from home. Let’s spend this ‘winter’ time growing so that once all markets flip back and new opportunities come – we are ready to go.

If you are interested to learn more about the concept of seasons of life by Jim Rohn, I highly recommend Jim Rohn’s book ‘Seasons of Life’.