Copenhagen, Tuesday 31/3 Or Thursday 28/5

The Principles of Property Investing

Would you like to master the art of making money in the property market?

Would you like to have more time to spend with you friends and family?

Would you like to decide exactly when you’re going to be financially independent and to know what you won’t have to sacrifice to get there?

Then join us at Principles of Investing in Properties seminar!

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Tuesday 31/3 Or Thursday 28/5 at 6 - 9

Hotel Hebron Helgolandsgade 4

1653 København

Free Event * NOTE: Limited number of seats

Transform your life through Property Investing

We are convinced that anyone with the right skills, the right knowledge and the right network can achieve financial freedom.

Committing yourself property investing can become one of your most transformation decisions.

Too Busy Earning A Living to Make Any Money!

Sounds familiar?

To many people today have passions, dreams and goal, but are too busy making a living to create wealth and achieve live the life that they want.

Maybe there are people you want to spend more time with. Maybe you have a wife or a husband, maybe you have children, a brother, a sister, or friends that you to see more.

The problem is that people have less time than ever these days.

Most people don’t have the knowledge to manage and grow their finances. Investing and generating passive income is sadly not thought in schools.

Always working being on the run can lead to a constant feeling of stress and tiredness.

When you have passive income it opens possibilities and you can dedicate more time to your family, friends and what you are truly passionate about.

In time, by following the principles by Momentum Property, you will be able to replace your current income with passive income.

You will have reached financial freedom.  

What You’ll Learn

✔ The most reliable ways to create passive income

✔ What it means and what it takes to invest in properties

✔ How to build a Power Team to help you find the best deals and handle your portfolio

✔ How to run numbers for property deals

✔ How to set up a creative business and finance it.

✔ The 21 sources of finance and how to use them

About Us

Momentum Property Education mission is to change people’s lives by teaching them the skill of proper investing.

Every person has dreams and passions. Everyone has people they value. Most people have a hard time creating the money they need to live their life fully.

Momentum Property Education is the biggest provider of property educational events in Scandinavia. We have educated almost one thousand people on how to succeed as a property investor. The success of our students is our success.

This evening seminar was a great inspiring event! I learned a lot about how to start generating passive incomes and realised that properties is the best way to get financially independent 

– Sofia (Stockholm)