Why invest in Properties?

1. Stable Passive Income

Properties are the most secure and reliable way for you to reach financial Independence.

Using our proven system, you will learn how to create consistent cashflow via Property Investing. Over time you will have enough cashflow to replace your current income and you can spend your time on the things you value the most.

2. True security for the future

Relying only on the Danish national pension system is risky. Cashflow from properties is an income stream that is largely in your control.

People are always going to need homes.

3. Legacy for future generations 

Building a property portfolio will secure your future generations. A property portfolio will increase in value over time and is a solid foundation for the security of your future generations. 

4. Wealth

There is a reason that no other wealth-generation method is responsible for more millionaires in than property investing.

If you want to experience life on your own terms. Vacations, nice car, the big house and freedom. Property investing is the most proven method to get you there.

5. Property investing is a high-income skill.

It’s a skill where you can get wealthy without investing your own money. If got the skills, Investors will be happy to put up the money for joint ventures.

The workshop will be hosted by Daniel Wood, one of founders of Momentum Property Education

Workshop is hosted by Momentum Property Education

Momentum Property Education has been founded by Gisela Wood, Lukasz Brzyski och Daniel Wood. They all became financially independent via properties. They all built strong property portfolios giving them the freedom and the passive income.

They started investing in properties because they wanted to get more of their lives, they wanted to get more time with their families and friends. They wanted to do things they love, to travel more and to have a chance to impact people around.

As employees they had good salaries but their job was a constant struggle. They thought like they got stuck. They saw themselves in 30 years doing exactly the same things day by day.

They had dreams an they kept their eyes open on property investing until they read the book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Rober and Kim Kiyosaki. 

They joined a workshop about passive incomes and property investing,

They found their way. They committed themselves to become property investors. They wanted to start living lives on their terms and give their children a better future. 

For most people in their social circle, their goals and dreams sounded crazy, they laughed and explained why it would not work.

But already 12 months after their started, they had bought their first properties and started building their portfolios.

More and more of their friends started asking - how did you do? Can you show me?

It all led to the setting up Momentum. After helping friends and acquaintances to kickstart their investment journeys and build their successful portfolios, Lukasz, Daniel and Gisela decided to join forces and start Momentum Property Education to help create even more of dream lives.

They have helped people from all over Europe become investors and to use "OPM" (Other People Money) to create their wealth.

Their clients use "The Momentum System", which is the basis for creating long-term success by systematising the investment process with the help of a team that finds, finances, projects and manages the properties.




During this workshop you will learn from someone who has truly been down and dirty, sleeves up in the trenches of property investing and has had tremendous success and many lessons to share.

What You'll Learn during this seminar:

✔ The secrets of FAST passive income.

✔ What it means and what it takes to invest in properties..

✔ How to find investors and use OPM (other people’s money) to finance your deals.

✔ How to gain the right mindset.

✔ How to run numbers for property deals

✔ How to set up your property business and how to finance it.

Join us on the 31th of March for this one of a kind FREE event on the principles of property investing and network with likeminded people .



Hotel Hebron Helgolandsgade 4

1653 København



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We are here to support you by sharing with you our best strategies to help you reach your goals faster. Of course, this means that nothing on this site, or on any of our websites or emails, is a promise of future results. All economic examples and numbers are examples to illustrate what you can potentially achieve for success and should not be taken as accurate or as a promise that you will have the same results. All figures are used for educational purposes only.