What made you start your journey? What made you think: I’ll change my life, I want more, I want to learn to invest wisely?

For us, just like many other entrepreneurs and investors, it was the book
“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki that inspired us to take the big step. If you have not read the book yet, we highly recommend it. In the book we learned what you call it a debt and what you call it an investment – and thus an asset – and how to build assets with a strong focus on properties.

Today, many years later, we collaborate with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and we are their Swedish partner for the board game Cash Flow.

Reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” was really our turning point. During our evening lectures, we share more about what made us take the step – to dare to jump. As our property interest aroused after reading the book we started looking for property education. We went through several different training courses and eventually we started investing in properties in the UK, under the guidance of a mentor.

We are often asked why we did not start at home in Sweden. We could spend hours talking about it, but the most important reason is that in the UK, the system is built around property investors, the housing shortage is huge and to get more housing faster investors get favorable conditions. This, in turn, makes it possible to be a more passive player in the UK. For example, there are ready-made loan products (so-called “Buy to Let” loans) which let you buy a property and then rent the apartments in it. In addition, there are many other possible strategies for managing a property, (renting out to a family, renting out individual rooms for example to students, renting out to a future buyer, renovating and selling and so on), which makes investing safe regardless of how the market develops and fluctuates.

In Sweden if prices go up, you take much higher risk for various reasons. In example you might get stuck with an apartment that cannot be sold at the moment, but which you do not have the legal right to rent.

In the years that followed, we discovered several holes and shortcomings in the education we had gone through. Deficiencies that were mainly due to the fact that we were international investors. Therefore, it was natural for us to later tailor a training program for the international investor with a focus on investing in the UK.

Over the years we have used several different types of real estate strategies for our investments, ranging from the classic “Buy to Let”, “Rent to Rent”, “HMO” (room rental), “Flip” (sales), to a little more advanced strategies such as “Conversions”, “Title Splits” and “Lease Options”. As a result, we are currently focusing on slightly more advanced strategies and we are currently working on a number of bigger projects (like building a golf club in Wales)