Mentorship Program

The ultimate guide to becoming a property investor

There are numerous advantages of having a mentor. Here are a few we believe are the most crucial:

  • saving you a hassle and stress by avoiding mistakes, hand holding you on your actions you would have to learn the hard way
  • shortening your journey from point A to B saving your time you would spend on all the swings and unnecessary mistakes
  • saving you money by avoiding costly mistakes
  • providing you with network you would need to gather yourself

And that’s what we provide you with during our Momentum Mentorship Programme.



During this Mentorship Program, you will be guided through all the steps below, including getting support through your first deal.
Each mentorship is tailored to your unique needs and situation so that you have the best possible conditions to succeed.

The mentorship program starts through the online training (read more on the Online Course here) where you get the in-depth knowledge you need to be able to real estate market in the UK and count on property deals. The Online Course consists of 7 modules with 3-5 video lessons in each module. You decide at what rate you go through the material.

During the online training you book an onboarding call where we go through your personal situation and match you with the mentor who will be the best support for you.

After the online section, you start your regular calls with your personal mentor.

Together you build your strategy based on your life circumstances and the goals you want to achieve. We support your mentorship program with additional online material in order to speed up your learning process and spend the time with your mentor in a most efficient way.

Your weekly mentor talks are alternated between your mentor and your power team in the UK. The mentor section consists of 12 modules and it takes about 6 months. Then you get hand-holding through your first real estate deal, whether it’s 1 year away or 3.

With the mentorship program you get:

  • Momentum 7 weeks online course
  • Onboarding conversation
  • 8 x 60 min weekly individual mentor / coach calls
  • 4 x 60 min meetings with Power Team members for business startup, bank account etc.
  • Your own Power Team
  • 12 Modules with material
  • Set up your Limited Company in the UK
  • Set up your company’s bank account
  • Wealth Dynamics profile
  • Help in clarifying your overall goals and setting your plan to achieve them
  • Your personal property strategy
  • Capital Strategy and contracts
  • Hand holding through your first property purchase
  • Help in doing the due diligence on property deals

We believe that all the elements of the Momentum Mentorship Program will make you feel confident in starting your first investment.

If you would like to know more about our Mentorship Program we will be more than happy to discuss all the details with you. Leave us a message (possibly a phone number). We will call you, answer all the questions and explain how to register to the program.

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