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HMO Accreditation Programme

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Free 2 day workshop in Stockholm

8-9 February 2020

Following the huge success of the previous Momentum Advanced Workshop in November, we would like to invite you to the next completely FREE 2 day event: How to apply the strategy of HMO to build your property business.

You will leave the 2 days understanding:

  • What an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) is
  • How to identify demand
  • Understanding the different financing options
  • How to choose the right property
  • Rules, regulations and the law
  • Conversion strategies
  • Setting up a HMO
  • And how to market and fill your HMO

Weekend Keynote Speaker:

Matthew Moody

Matthew Moody has been investing in property since 2004 and been involved in the HMO market, educating, sourcing, management and coaching people for over 9 years. His mission is to make a difference in the property world and show people that you don’t have to struggle; you need to take the right action step-by-step to truly live out your dreams. Discover your outcome, prioritize your life and take massive action today!

Time until event starts!

What are the requirements to attend the event?

You intend to invest in properties in the UK

Properties give you passive income - cash flow - that can be added to your regular income to give you better quality of life. Over time, it replaces your salary and makes you financially independent. At Momentum Property Education we strongly advocate property market in the UK as one of the most stable and profitable markets

That you have had a mentor in UK property investing

Since this event is about advanced property strategies and will not be covering basics it is important that you already know how to invest in property in the UK. Both for your own sake and for others attending the event.

That you have a UK Ltd company

We set this requirement since we want to make sure you are ready to start investing and putting these lessons into action. If you are not going to apply the lessons taught at the event it would be a waste of your time and the other attendees.


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"HMO Accreditation Programme"

FREE 2 day workshop!


8/2 - 9/2 (Saturday-Sunday), kl. 09 - 17

Elite Hotel Palace, st Eriksgatan 115, Stockholm

* NOTE: Limited number of seats