Online Course – Learn to invest in properties in just 7 weeks

Our online education is primarily aimed at investments in the United Kingdom and is tailor made for you as the international investor. You will learn how to make investments into passive income in a completely different way than is possible in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or any other European country.

In the UK, there is a huge housing shortage and in order to get more housing faster, the property market is built around investors, who get favourable conditions.

Our online training extends over 7 modules with 3 to 5 lessons in each module. We go into depth and teach you how to invest in real estate to create secure, passive income in the UK.

Course Content

7 modules with 3-5 video lessons each week including assignments and bonus material. The course is designed to be done in 7 weeks, but nothing limits you from doing the course faster or slower. You receive a lifetime access to the course.

Module 1: Invest in properties – basics
Module 2: Property strategies and passive income investments using a Power Team
Module 3: Invest via a Limited Company.
Module 4: Learn to count on real estate deals
Module 5: Systems and processes for managing your real estate portfolio
Module 6: Different sources of investment capital
Module 7: Knowledge of Acting

During the course you will learn:

  • How to buy properties in UK
  • How to raise capital for your investments
  • How to create an investment portfolio with the right processes in place
  • How to take carefully evaluated investments based on statistics and calculations
  • How to get more TIME and steadily growing INCOME
  • In-depth investment strategies
  • Property performance and return calculations
  • How to feel safe with the buying and selling process
  • How to research new property markets
  • Laws and regulations as well as taxes and deductions

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