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Build the network, learn from experts and massively scale up your property business!

Many investors buy a property or two and they hit a plateau. They miss the expertise that will take them to the next level. Our Mastermind Programme has been set up helping you with the right knowledge, network and support.

Programme Price: €197/month

Mastermind is a monthly subscription. There is no binding term so you stay as long as you want! If you are already enrolled to this course, please log in here. If you haven’t enrolled to it yet hit the ‘Enroll to the Course’ button below.

We know that every investor needs several key elements to succeed:

  1. Knowledge – you need to grow your business and step into more sophisticated deals with peace of mind that you know what you are doing
  2. Staying up to date – understanding of what is going in the market – in order to be able to secure your assets and discover new opportunities
  3. Support – both from mentors and from people who are with you when things are getting complicated
  4. Network – as in every business – there is a huge potential in relationships you build. Because we understand the importance of the things that were listed above we decided to create a program providing you all these elements.

There are 3 key parts of the program:

  1. Bi-weekly calls in a group of 10 investors + mentor
  2. Every other week we invite a guest keynote speaker to our Mastermind calls. Those experts will be able to give you insights about various areas of the business you will be able to implement in your venture,
  3. Monthly market update video.

Monthly Mastermind with up to 10 property investors with specific subject and accountability sections. Mastermind groups are being led by a mentor.

One of the most important factors in succeeding is your network, which holds you accountable for you to continue to act and who supports you when it gets tough.
Each month you will be able to attend a group webinar session with 9 other property investors. Together you will discuss challenges, come up with plans to grow faster and hold each other accountable so that you continue to grow your portfolio and reach your goals.
The webinar is led by an experienced mentor who helps you get the most out of your time together.

Monthly Market Update – a webinar on the macro and micro economic situation

It is important to understand the economic situation both locally in the area you invest in, nationally for the whole of the UK and globally in order to better predict events that may affect your portfolio.
Through this monthly webinar, you will have a direct insight into economic factors that can affect your investments going forward. Such information will let you both protect yourself and take advantage of various opportunities on the market.
With this insight, you will be able to talk with investors more convincingly and ensure that your portfolio is continuously growing, safe and secure.

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