Insider’s look at Property Investing

Every now and then we hear various opinions about property investors. Those opinions vary quite widely from the range of ‘people people who have loads of money’ to ‘capitalists who bloat house prices’. I would like do give you insider’s look at property investing. If you never invested yourself I hope to clarify this picture for you a bit. If you are an investor — I hope you identify.

Who we are as property investors?

In short — as property investors we invest money in any form of properties in order to benefit from rental income or capital appreciation of these assets. Focus on any of these makes us a property investor. Focus on both — benefiting from short and a long term profit — makes us smart investors.

Important to point out is that in most of the cases property investing is a long term game. Properties are an incredible way to generate a passive, steady and secure income. That income, often called cashflow is a proven way to help you become financially free. The long term value appreciation is the cherry on this cake. That is why many of us are long term investors.

Investing money, sometimes a lot of money, needs a very good understanding of markets, local rules and regulations and general experience in this field. All of those are complex and ever-changing domains. That is why being an investor is a sophisticated profession and requires staying on top of the game. That is also why if you are not constantly growing in this trade you are risking your and other people’s money. We at Momentum focus a lot at educating others because we know all too well how expensive mistakes can be.

Who we are NOT?

We are not speculators. Therefore we leave the quick gain gamble to others. Of course there are people who claim they made millions by speculating on the land or simply flipping houses without any investment of their own. Those people give a bad name to real estate investing and shouldn’t be called property investors in the first place. We are not ‘wolves from Wall Street’ pumping other peoples money into risky deals. Instead we focus on a long term and we take educated risks.

The human side of property investing

That was a general look, an insider’s look at property investing. Personally, whenever someone ask me what I do as an investor I say that ‘I help people sell their houses and improve other peoples lives (i.e. by providing them with a good place to live)’. That is in my opinion super important aspect of this business.

Finally, I think that If you are stepping into property investing you should put people in the first place. Even if you have a very clear intension of building your wealth and becoming financially free.

To your success!

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