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How to succeed as an investor in the UK property market

How do you get started in property investing?
What do you do?

Do you wish you had passive income that could give you more time? More freedom? More impact?
But feel lost in how to get started?

Momentum Property Education is here to support you.
In Property Game Changer you will learn how to become a successful property investor. You will learn who needs to be on your team, how to raise finance, how to do your due diligence and how to calculate deals.

You will learn how to structure deals to make them safe and profitable and how to plan your long term strategy.

So what exactly am I getting?

In Property Game Changer you will learn:

  • How to buy properties in UK

  • How to raise capital for your investments

  • How to create an investment portfolio with the right processes in place

  • How to take carefully evaluated investments based on statistics and calculations

  • How to get more TIME and steadily growing INCOME

  • In-depth investment strategies

  • Property performance and return calculations

  • How to feel safe with the buying and selling process

  • How to research new property markets

  • Laws and regulations as well as taxes and deductions

Property Game Changer is for you who wants to learn how to successfully begin investing in property. The course is for you who wants to learn how to analyse markets, deals and strategies so that you do the best possible deals and reach your goals as quickly as possible.

The course is primarily aimed at investments in the United Kingdom and is tailor made for you as an international investor. You will learn how to invest in property without having to be in the country, by building a team that will identify and project manage the deals.

In the UK, there is a huge housing shortage which gives us as investors amazing opportunities.

The online training is a 7 module course with 3 to 5 lessons in each module. Each lesson includes a video, text and in some cases exercises. You will learn in-depth strategies and once you have completed the course you will know how to invest in real estate to create secure, passive income in the UK.

Course contents:

Module 1 – Invest in properties – basics

During the first module you will be introduced to the basic concepts of property investing. We discuss why properties are such a great investment and look at different investment strategies.

Module 2 – UK Property Market, Strategies

In Module 2 you will learn more about the UK property market. In the videos we compare different European property markets and you will learn how to analyze a property market. After analysing several markets you will quickly see why we recommend investing in the United Kingdom.

During Module 2 you will also learn property investing vocabulary so that you can better communicate with other investors.

Module 3 – Limited Company in the UK

Module 3 is about how to start a UK ltd company, how to open a bank account and what taxes, laws and regulations you must follow as a UK property investor.

Module 4 – Running Numbers, Doing the Due Diligence

In Module 4 you will learn how to see if a property deal is worth doing. You will learn how to analyze a deal to see its value, rent and what strategies to use.

You will learn how to calculate Cash Flow, Yield and ROI, which are all important parts of analyzing a property investment. (you will also learn what they mean and how you use them when comparing deals).

In addition, you will start forming your personal investment strategy.

Module 5 – Purchase, Sale, Letting processes

Module 5 takes you on a deeper study of the processes and systems you need as a property investor. You will learn how a property purchase and sale work, what you need to think about and what you can expect. You will study project management and portfolio management so that you can build a successful portfolio with minimal risk.

Module 6 – Capital

Module 6 is about how to fund property investments. You will learn how you can raise funds for your property deals. There are 24 different sources of capital and you will learn each one during this module.

Module 7 – K.A.P.

Module 7 takes you through your next steps. What do you do now, How do you begin and What can you expect. You will learn what mindset is required to succeed as a property investor and how to avoid the number one pitfall that stops most people from ever reaching higher levels of success.


Is this course for me?

If you are curious how property market works and how to start investing in properties – real estate – then definitely yes. If you are interested in investing as such and never thought about investing in properties – it is for you too. It doesn’t matter what is your background and experience. Everybody deserves a passive income to enjoy life more and spend more time on what they truly love. We are here to show you how to start and how to select your property market.

How do I purchase the course

Click ‘Enroll to The Course’ button to purchase the course. There are multiple payment options available. After purchase you will get your Momentum Academy account set up. You will receive access to the course immediately. Additionally we will send you all instructions to your email. This is a really simple process and we will guide you all the way.

How is the course structured

The course is broken into 7 modules with 3-5 video lessons per module including assignments and bonus material. You have lifetime access to the course which means you can do it at any pace you chose and can go back to the material in the


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