The Momentum Method

The Momentum Method – K.A.P.

Since we became successful it’s our turn to help you. We would like to make your journey towards Financial Freedom as smooth as possible. You deserve help we wish we had received. That’s why we created a unique Momentum Method. This method helped hundreds of people buying their first properties and becoming financially free. Given said that we would like mention upfront that this process will not happen overnight and will require your effort. However with the right help and our process you are absolutely capable of becoming financially free.

Our unique Momentum Method is built around a model K.A.P. applied to YOUR level of investing experience.

What is K.A.P.

K.A.P. stands for KNOWLEDGE, ACTION and PEOPLE. That’s exactly what you need to succeed in the property business.

You need a relevant, applicable and tested knowledge about investing. Knowledge that will help you understand your property market, guide you through the legal process and help you avoid problems and mistakes. The knowledge base – our  unique and in-depth online courses will give you information you need to get you started. Our Momentum Mentors – financially free property investors (with experience in at least UK property market) will hand hold you through your first property deal. As we said this is the help we wish we had received. We know that entering your fist property project will lead to many unknowns. Your mentor will be of an invaluable help explaining the and guiding you through the technicalities so that you can relax and build confidence for your next coming exciting projects.

Knowledge will only help if you take action. Taking action is for many the most challenging part. That’s why within Momentum Method we focus so much on the right mindset. Together with our students we constantly discuss what is it that drives them towards success, even when life or other people try to hold them back. To make sure you take enough action and not slow down you also need someone who will keep you accountable and push you towards success. Our mentors will help you keep the right course and pace on your property journey.

Finally, as part of your property journey we would like to give you support of your Power Team – a team of people who will help you deliver on your property projects and your property journey. You will need the team of sourcing agents (who bring deals to you), the accountants (who help you running your books and support you with financial support), solicitors, mortgage brokers, and many others who were deliberately selected to support you as an international property investor in the United Kingdom. Those people have an extensive knowledge in their domains but also are genuine partners we personally worked with on our property journey.

How does The Momentum Method work

Momentum method divides the property journey in three stages and helps apply the K.A.P. principle to let you build your property portfolio and become financially independent. We have all the systems you need to become a successful property investor. Here is a typical property journey:


Assess Where You Want To Start

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