Introduction to Property Investing

Introduction to Property Investing

What Are The Goals Of Basic Level?

Main goals:

  1. Learn Principles and familiarise terms you as investor need to know and understand,
  2. Learn more about mindset. Who you need to become in order to be a successful investor,
  3. Study passive income strategies and learn various ways to create passive income,
  4. Build your first passive income!
  5. Learn principles and 3 simple steps to become a successful property investor.

Who Is This Level For?

Every Journey starts with a single step.  Let’s just quickly make sure that you are in the right place.  You are here because:

  • You have never been investing before or you have some experience in investing (but not properties – real estate)
  • You are still working as employee and have never started any business
  • You do not know much about property business
  • You are not certain if property business is something for you

This is a very quick assessment. If you answered YES to the majority of questions we prepared some great and helpful contents for you.

If you feel that you are ready to jump to the next level, don’t wait any further, check what it takes to buy your first property!

Steps To Accomplish This Level

1. Free Online Course – Success Freedom Mindset

Goal: Learn Principles, Build Your Mindset and Start Building Passive Income

Let’s start with basics. We would like to invite you to our Free Online Course “Success Freedom Mindset – Build Your Passive Income in 3 Simple Steps” where you will learn all the basics you need to know about investing, passive income and a mindset of property Investor.
Check our course below:

We believe that this course will give you a good basics and understanding of why invest and what it takes to be an investor.

Success Freedom Mindset

Learn principles of property investing. Improve your life by applying small financial changes to your economy and set your mindset on success.

Learn more

2. Free Webinar serie – Property Investing Basics

Goal: Learning Principles of Investing in Properties

If you finished the Online Course above, we would like to invite you the the Serie Of our Webinars on How To Invest In Properties in 3 Simple Steps.

You can access the webinar here.

In the free webinar serie below you will learn what it takes to become a successful property investor and start creating passive income that will allow you to take control over your life and future.

These videos will introduce you to the world of property investing and show you how we do it, what you can expect in terms of risk and commitment.

Why Are All Materials on This Level Free?

As you know we all at Momentum had humble beginnings. We believe that everyone deserves a choice of what she or he wants to do with their life. The thing is that in order to make a conscious decision you need to have a basic knowledge. Most of the knowledge is very expensive. That is why at Momentum we decided to share our knowledge as much as we can. We would like to give you a chance to make an educated choice if property business is the right choice for you.

There is a common misbelief that whatever is free is worth close to nothing. That is not the case with our Basic education. Sign up to our courses and you will see that we put a lot of effort into giving you the essence of information.