Free Evening Seminars

Ignite – Principles of Investing in Properties

Ignite – Principles of Investing in Properties

Free Evening Seminar

Learn Principles Of Investing In Properties, Transform Your Life by Mastering Strategies That Will Replace Your Job With a Passive Income.

During this free event, you will learn what is a passive income and what types of passive incomes are available. We will show you what it takes to invest in real estate and what means to become financially independent. During the seminar you will learn how to change your life with property investing.

You will learn what differentiates those who succeed from those who do not take action. You will learn how to analyse and count property deals, how to structure your business wisely.

You will see what is needed for you to become financially independent and you will go home with a plan, insights and lessons that you can implement in your life. You will be ready to take the next step on your journey!

With the right knowledge you can, regardless of where you are today, create passive income, invest in properties and become financially independent.

During this event you will learn:

  • What is a passive income
  • What is a passive income
  • What it means and what it takes to invest in properties
  • How to change your life through investing
  • How to run numbers for property deals
  • How to set up a creative business and how to find money to run it

Due to COVID-19 pandemic we are currently organising ONLY ONLINE events (until further notice)


Dates of coming events will soon be announced