Buy Your First House

Buy Your First House

Is really the goal of Advanced Level to buy my first house?

Yes it is! Let us repeat – the goal is to buy your first investment property. For Real. 

We know it sounds bold but if you want to be successful you must have ambitious goals. And we are here to help you support you in making it happen.  Can you imagine how would it be to accomplish such goal? What level of satisfaction would you have? What level of self-confidence you would get? Finally what would you do with the extra money – passive income you would earn?

Keep these images in your mind. We will guide you in this process and if you let us support you it will happen easier than you think.

We are super excited about delivering this offer to you because we tested it almost a hundred times and we proved this works!

Steps To Buy Your First House

Depending on your knowledge and the level of support you prefer we suggest going with one of two possible tracks:


Track 1 – Buy your First Property with help of our Comprehensive Online Courses

This track consists of two very comprehensive courses that will get you ready to go and buy your first house. You will learn how to analyse the market, how to run a due diligence on particular deals and decide if they are safe and promising investments. You will master calculating property deals which is one of the keys to success. You will also understand all the important rules and regulations of property market in the United Kingdom. You will know exactly how to set up your company structure to build a tax efficient business. Finally you will learn who you need in your Power Team to deliver on projects on time, on budget and without stress. 

Let’s look at the two courses. In short – the first one – Freedom Property Intensive is more basic and Property Game Changer is an extension to it with a deep dive into UK property market. We recommend either taking both courses – or taking the more advanced one – Property Game Changer to become fully ready for your purchase.

Please check both courses below for more details:

Track 2: Buy Your First Property with Your Business in the Box approach

We understand that you might value your time and peace of mind. That is why we prepared a very special offer for you. We would like to offer you an approach where the majority of work is done for you by creating what we call ‘a business in the box’. What does it mean? 

That means that we lined up for you a mentor and your professional Power Team to support you during your first purchase. We know that the first purchase might be a bit out of comfort zone. Your mentor (who is a financially free, very experienced property investor) will help you all the way and handhold during the process of setting up your business and of course during the purchase itself. This way you will be able to avoid mistakes that normally can be very costly. Additionally you will get access to mentor’s knowledge and experience which will help you accelerate your learning process. The plan is that after finishing your mentorship programme you will have your business structure, your have your first property in the portfolio and the knowledge and experience you use to duplicate during the next purchase. That is what it means to get a business in the box.

To make it even better we share with you our Power Team – a team of experts within property domain who will help you deliver on this – and next – projects. This way it will be even easier to duplicate this process in the future speeding you up on building your property portfolio. What does Power Team mean exactly? This is the group of people who have different areas of expertise – sourcing agents (the ones who find unique property deals), mortgage brokers (who help you finance your projects), accountants (who help you with your accounts and taxes), currency exchange brokers (who help you with your currency exchange). That’s just to name a few. As you see – they bring an enormous value to your growing business, especially that you will safe you time and help you avoiding unnecessary risks.

To support you with the right knowledge you also receive access to our online courses mentioned above.

Please read more about our mentorship programme:

Mentorship Programme

Succeed in building your property business with full support of your mentor. Buy your first house and get systems to scale it

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