You are now on the right path to property investing and financial freedom.

Momentum specialises in educating hungry go-getters on how to create passive income and build wealth.

Each of our team members have taken a unique journey to build successful property portfolios that pay a monthly salary or more, with little to no oversight or time consumption.

As a part of our mission we want to give back. Much like Robert and Kim Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), we are now sharing our knowledge with motivated people who want to do a similar journey as we did.



Get a taste of property investing​

You are not experience with properties, investing or business of any kind? No worries… Start with our basic courses.

We have helped hundreds of people start their property journey that had no experience prior to Momentum.

You will learn what it takes to become a successful property investor. You will learn what challenges are ahead of you, and how the entire process of buying and managing a property looks like. ​



Build your financial freedom

You have already decided to become financially free and take control of your life. You have some basic knowledge how property investing works. We have prepared a set of course courses for you.

Our intermediate course will teach you step by step how to build your property portfolio.

We show the principles we ourselves implement in all our investments. We explain the rules and regulations so the you can start building towards your financial freedom right away.



Build Your Wealth through properties

Are you already a property investor? Do you already have steady cashflow from properties?

Would you like to level up you game and expand your wealth? Would you like to increase profits, find new streams of revenue or explore different markets?

Our advanced courses will give you a push in the right direction, if you’re already succeeding as an investor and would like to take your game to the next level.

Are you eager to start off?

Why wait? Start with our free online seminar and learn the principles of property investing.

Property Mastery – Mentorship Programme

Mentorship fastest way to success in getting your real estate business of the ground. You multiply your chance of success by having someone who already is where you want to be look over your shoulder and give your feedback as you go along.

Together with your mentor who has done multiple deals and know the business inside through, you will be coached safely though your first deal.

“Our mission at Momentum is helping people achieve their dreams. We help them build stable and safe passive income stream through properties to secure their financial situation”

Courses delivered by Property Experts

Daniel Wood

Daniel is a property funding expert. He specialises in raising funds and has identified over 25 sources of capital that you can use to fund your property deals.

He has raised over 15M GBP of investment capital in the last 3 years alone.

His role is to support you in how to raise funds for your property deals.

Gisela Wood

Gisela has project managed over 100 property deals in the UK, Spain and Sweden.

Through her experience she has learned what can go wrong in a deal and also how to make projects go according to plan and budget.

She will support you in making sure your property journey is as smooth as possible.

Lukasz Brzyski

Lukasz is a risk specialist and knows exactly how to structure property deals to give you the highest returns with the lowest amount of risk.

He will analyse the news for you and help you identify what actions you can take to capitalise on the opportunities and position your portfolio so that it continues to grow even in tough times..

Financial Freedom was our goal – we achieved it. Now it’s your turn

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